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David Johnstone Antique Arms specialise in antique firearms and edged weapons, which are either genuine antiques or of obsolete calibre, and require no licence to possess.
Our inventory includes Western and Civil war revolvers, carbines, (American and European), cased pistols, percussion and flintlock muzzle loading pistols and longarms.

Our edged weapons include a variety of swords and daggers, Bowie knives, and sidearms.

We are happy to give helpful and friendly advice on all aspects of antique arms collecting.

Most credit cards can be accepted by contacting us.

We regret that due to difficulties with International postage, we no longer ship outside the UK.


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Academic Texts

David Johnstone's Articles for The Texas Gun Collector
The Bullet Crossbow
The British Rook Rifle
The Arcane Aircane
The Anglo Indian Bowie Part 1
The Anglo Indian Bowie Part 2
The Durango Kerr Revolver
An Interesting Colt Conversion
A London Colt Private Conversion

A View From The Bridge

Some thoughts and findings by the author on "Brooklyn Bridge" revolvers

The Middleton Brothers

The Last Sheffield Cutlery Family

A Study of Colt Conversions and Other Percussion Revolvers, McDowell

President Grant: The veto of Rollin White's patent renewal petition

Smith & Wesson Revolvers The Pioneer Single Action Models by John E Parsons
Famous Guns From The Smithsonian
Firearms Control Colin Greenwood
The Peacemaker and its Rivals by John E Parsons
Remington Handguns

United States Martial Pistols And Revolvers

by Arcadi Gluckman

The Weisz Parts Portfolio

Old guns, Parts, and Good drawings of them too.

A Time capsule from 1961

Adobe Acrobat Reader

The Fox's Prophecy... pdf... a message, and a warning, from the past.

Word Version